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Hang Tags

Hang tags with special strings and neck hangers with custom die cuts for a variety of container neck sizes.

Are you feeling lost on the shelf and unsure about how to capture more consumer attention? Did you know 81% of shoppers want the convenience of coupons directly on a package? Look no further than Hang Tags for a promotion that POPS and influences consumers. Check it out!

Smyth's hang tag manufacturing is 100% in-house, making it unlike any other in the market. With an internal graphic design team and our own stringing/grommet equipment, Smyth executes every aspect of your project saving you the cost and hassle of outsourcing. Our specialists can help you choose between a multitude of tag and string materials, loops or grommets, booklets, etc. Any way you want it, you can hang your hat on Smyth to deliver. Differentiate your package with hang tags - it sells!

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  • personalization
  • variable data
  • Long and short run
  • custom die-cuts
  • 4 to 6 panel booklets
  • strings or grommets
  • backside printing
  • collars
  • scented


  • add visibility
  • differentiate
  • promote on package
  • extend content
  • introduce new product


  • technical support
  • design support
  • in-house prepress
  • in-house stringing

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