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Personal Care

This highly competitive market demands packaging which dazzles and communicates effectively. Smyth’s personal care labeling and packaging solutions offer a multitude of ways to distinguish your brand in the ever more crowded retail arena.

Pressure Sensitive (PS)

Easily the most prominent decoration solution in this segment, PS labels are preferred for their versatility and variety of material options. Film stocks offer a high degree of durability and moisture resistance, as well as a ‘no label look’ when using clear films. Finishing methods like foil stamping, specialty inks and coatings, and unique die-cutting will help attract attention and “close the deal” with consumers.

Shrink Sleeve

Shrink’s ability to conform to the shape of a package makes it a natural fit for the unique shapes found in personal care. Shrink offers the unique ability to decorate the entire container, producing striking package presentations.

In-mold Labels (IML)

IML bonds the label to the container like no other process, essentially making the label a part of the molded container. This yields a label which is both attactive and highly durable. Smyth has IML solutions for both blow-molded and injection-molded packaging.

Tube Labeling

Tube packaging is ideal for many personal care products, and we have a total solution. Smyth can supply printed labels and also apply them to your tube packaging, giving you more decoration options than using a direct print method. PS labels means you don't need large quantities of pre-decorated tubes on hand, giving you more flexibility and reducing package obsolescence.