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Products in the household market run the gamut from gentle compounds for light cleaning to abrasive and corrosive substances for heavy-duty projects. A variety of labeling and packaging options are required depending upon the package type, the product makeup, and your marketing strategy. Look no further than Smyth; we have the right label for the right job, and we’ll help keep your packaging looking great throughout its life cycle.

In-Mold Labels (IML)

IML is a prominent decoration technology in this sector due to its permanence and superior resistance to harsh products and environments. IML provides a means of decorating which eliminates a secondary application process. Smyth has IML solutions for both blow-molded and injection-molded packaging.

Pressure Sensitive (PS)

Most conventional household packaging lends itself to PS labeling due to its durability and aesthetics. Films offer the protection necessary for so many products in the sector, and will remain functional in moisture-rich environments like bath and laundry rooms. Sturdier paper stocks can be coated to withstand these conditions when the package may have a shorter post-purchase life.

Glue-Applied (Cut & Stack)

You will find many household products decorated with cut & stack labels. Film stocks are available for bleach and other corrosives, in full-wrap or die-cut shapes. Combination print options for both paper and synthetic stocks can reduce order quantities and standing inventories, and help you manage your label requirements more efficiently.

Shrink Sleeve

Shrink sleeves are a preferred decoration method for packaging in this market. There is generally a lot of information required on household chemical products and shrink sleeves offer a total package decoration option. Additionally, shrink sleeves are moisture and chemical resistant to the products due to the ability to print on the 'package side' of the shrink film material. Spray bottles and other complex shapes look great with perfect fitting shrink sleeves.