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Health & Beauty

The essence of packaging in this market is in the name – Beauty. Labeling needs to be aesthetically striking and alluring. It also needs to work in harmony with the package to create a flawless presentation. Smyth understands the demands of the Health & Beauty (H&B) and we’ve helped leaders in the market develop their package personality.

Pressure Sensitive (PS)

PS labels are the preferred method of decoration for a variety of packaging in the H&B market, and for good reason. Ever thinner clear PS films provide designers the ability to create a striking ‘no label’ look in keeping with the minimalist nature of packaging for this market. Foil-stamping, textured inks and coatings, matte/gloss/tactile finishes and a host of other enhancements can help create the show-stopper look you want for your product.

In-mold Labels (IML)

Many of the products in H&B will have a long consumer life cycle, and IML can withstand continued handling, moisture and other environmental factors without “losing face.”

Shrink Sleeve

Packaging for H&B lends itself quite well to shrink sleeve decoration. Shrink sleeves' ability to conform to the package shape allows for creative designs, and provides a larger area for communicating to the consumer. A variety of finishing methods can enhance the look and feel of your product's personality.

Tube Labeling

Many H&B products are packaged in squeeze tubes, and we can help you with the printing and application of labels for this versatile package type. Labeling tubes gives you many more decoration options than direct print, and can also help you manage your packaging more efficiently.