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Smyth produces a wide variety of label and packaging options for your food products, allowing you to select the decoration method best suited to your marketing strategy. No matter what type of packaging you have we can 'spice up' your shelf presence and help attract more consumer attention.

Glue-Applied (Cut & Stack)

A versatile and economical way to decorate a range of food packaging, cut-and-stack labels can be finished in a number of ways to help you attract consumer attention and convey value. Choose from many standard and specialty paper and film stocks, die-cut options and coatings to give your package more pop!

Pressure Sensitive (PS)

PS labels offer advantages over other label options for food packaging. Clear labels can be used to provide branding and aesthetics while allowing food product to be visible, creating an enticing package presentation. Specialty materials and other enhancements provide countless combinations to help you stand out in this competitive category.

Shrink Sleeve

Shrink sleeves are quickly becoming a preferred decoration method and bundling option for food packaging. Shrink sleeves conform to the package shape and allow for 360° decoration, giving you personality and flexibility when it comes to communicating with consumers. Tamper evident features of shrink sleeves are also appealing to safety-minded shoppers.

Flexible Packaging (Pouches)

More and more food products are moving to flexible packaging for…well, their flexibility! Flexible pouches offer larger front-facing ‘billboard’ areas than cans and jars. The ability to reseal the package with zipper seals makes flexible pouches the perfect solution for many food items. Choose from a gusseted bottom for pouches needing to stand on a shelf or sealed for hanging packages.