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Are your labels missing the target?

Your application strategy should provide speed, accuracy, and reliability. Unfortunately you may be spending as much time letting equipment service techs in the door as getting product out the door. You have better things to do!

Smyth’s Red Rock Engineers provide reliable, integrated systems that will keep your lines running with zero downtime and extreme accuracy. Whether it’s an on-pack promotion or new equipment installation, we can help execute your most challenging projects. It’s what you should expect from an equipment partner, and it’s what you’ll get from Smyth Red Rock.

Smyth Red Rock = Rock Solid Reliability!


  • custom application solutions
  • promotional labeling
  • pressure sensitive items on cartons
  • web printed materials on press
  • primary labels to CPG packaging


  • equipment purchase
  • equipment lease and rental options
  • project consultation
  • equipment integration
  • complete technical support

we also support

  • Shorewood | Collamat | CTM | EPI | Aesus / Gernep